Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Roman holiday: Part due!

    I am enjoying my second glass of wine before dinner and free, unlimited wireless internet at Hotel Rex while listening to a couple arguing across the back courtyard. (I think they had sex twenty minutes ago because they stopped fighting, then the man started screaming - not moaning, screaming - in a rhythmic manner for 5 or 6 minutes and I didn't hear a peep out of the woman. Now, they're yelling again.) How Italian is that? (And this is not the wine talking.)
    Here are some more pictures from today:
The famous Spanish Steps.
Halfway up!
Halfway to go!
Our reward at the top: Trinita del Monti
Gorgeous mural inside the church.
Back on the street, a car show was in progress....
Because only Italian cops would drive Lamborghinis, si?
I still like my Toyota.
Oh, and the beatification of Pope John Paul II?  It's kind of a big deal here.


Kim from Nebraska said...

Piece on NPR today said the Romans are way bummed that tourism has actually gone down due to the John Paul thing -- people are avoiding the anticipated crowds and boycotting the jacked-up hotel rates. I found a bit of satisfaction in that. The greediness of hoteliers instead left them with empty rooms.

Cathy Hamilton said...

Well, if this is a down-trend in tourism, I'd hate to see an uptick. Jesus. And I can say that because I was blessed by the Pope this morning!

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