Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Roman holiday: Part tre!

We're having a Kansas-style thunderstorm in Rome, which is a much-welcomed event since we just returned to Hotel Rex after a long, exhausting day. It started at the Vatican with an audience with the Pope. That's him in the white....
This is where I took that shot....
Just the Holy See and me, with several thousand of our closest friends. At the end, we all received the papal blessing and, I have to admit, in spite of my mixed feelings about the Catholic Church, it was quite a moving experience. Here I am, pictured below, post-blessing. Notice the saintly glow. Or, maybe that's perspiration clinging to my forehead.
Then, it was onto a lunch of pizza, wine and beer, which is getting to be WAY too much of a habit lately....
and some authentic music....
like the theme from "Love Story." After lunch, we jumped back on the Metro and headed for the Colosseum.
 Man, that thing was in ruins! Who knew?!
Not to be irreverent here, but....'d think they'd at least tuck-point the place.
 I mean, just look at it!
I'm sure the cheesehead posing with the Spartans agrees with me.
(Note to self: Tired feet and sarcasm may not be a good mix.)

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