Sunday, April 10, 2011

A snapshot of spring in the homeland

While dreaming non-stop of Italy, I'm still aware of the beauty of Kansas in April. My favorite moment in springtime is when the short trees in our yard bud out and get all green and lacy-like, while the tall trees' branches remain bare. This is the moment!!


Marguerite said...

Such fleeting beauty in spring. I love my neighborhood in the early bud green stage. New growth, flowers flourishing before the punishing heat of summer. Are the houses behind your neighbors? How are you feeling today?

Cathy Hamilton said...

Agreed! The summer heat punishes us all. That's one house and, yes, they are our backdoor-on-the-diagonal neighbors. I'm not cured, but better. Going swimming today and trying the traditional medicine route tomorrow. The 'activator' didn't do a bit of good and I'd rather have a back-up supply of muscle relaxants.

Carol Starr Schneider said...

Magical! Great photo!!!!