Monday, April 11, 2011

So much better than the swimsuit edition!!

I came home after a long, stressful day (I thought I lost my prescription sunglasses to the tune of $400+) to find the new Bon Appetit in my mailbox. I was so excited over the Italian theme, I threw my finally-found-under-the-shotgun-seat shades onto the cover and clicked a pic. Then, I read up on how to drink like an Italian....
and thumbed through page after page of Italian yumminess.
Don't you just love the earrings and necklace? She's the Italian June Cleaver!
Ahhhh. That's better.


Carol Starr Schneider said...

Rumor has it you're going to Italy? Confirm. xx The Increasingly Jealous/Bitter SJG of Sherman Oaks, CA.

Cathy Hamilton said...

Yes, but I'm also going to physical therapy, so you can't be too jealous/bitter. That said, point taken. I don't want to be accused of rubbing it in.