Thursday, April 14, 2011

There's no gain without a little strain

I won't say the Activator (see post below) was a 'chiro-quack-tic' gimmick, because my chiropractor and her two colleagues typically see 300 patients a week (ca-ching!!!) including some of my friends.  But, my hip flexor strain started to improve only when I started physical therapy two days ago. I have been diligently performing my adductor stretches (see above) and am starting to see the pain-free light, just in time for that loooooong trans-Atlantic flight Tuesday night. Lesson learned: Magic solutions are rare. You have to work at it.



Be well. Be happy. Have a GREAT trip. And have fun.

Cathy Hamilton said...

Many thanks, sweet Terre. I'm sure, to many readers, it seems I should have gone and come home by now. But, as my mother always says, anticipating a trip is almost as exciting as the journey itself, and the 'anticipating' has gotten me thru this stupid hip injury.

chiropractors in melbourne said...

Magic solutions aren't just rare, they simply don't exist. You have to work and sweat in order to earn any results.