Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cinque Terre high?!?!

Even though I've wholly - if not, reluctantly - returned to 'life as usual' in Kansas, I continue to keep up with Rick Steves' blog from the Italian Riviera. This is a video he posted from Vernazza, our headquarters for four days, after dark when the streets are, literally, deserted.  The hubs and I made this walk almost every night, amazed at the lack of after-dinner activity....and we learned to subtly avoid "Spooky Man." I can't help but think that Steves is a) VERY mellow after consuming massive amounts of wine or, b) high as a kite on Italian pot, if there is such a thing (he is an outspoken proponent of marijuana decriminalization.)  Still, what a gig, si'?


Kim from Nebraska said...!/notes/rick-steves/make-my-travel-dream-come-true/10150182036539702

Not sure if you can read this, but Rick Steves is interested in finding 20 cities to speak in next year.....thought as the diva of DT Lawrence, you might be interested.

Cathy Hamilton said...

Hi, Kim. I just saw that earlier today on Rick's FB page. I'm on it! Thanks. - Cathy

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