Saturday, May 14, 2011

Red meat and grilled artichokes: Deliciosity!

First weekend night at home since vacation. Blood red steak, artichokes and arugula salad with a citrus/fig dressing I just made up. Who knew there was such joy in not eating out! Here's the artichoke recipe, for goodness' sake.


Judy said...

Cathy, I never understand about artichoke recipes: are we left only with the stem and heart? Are there leaves? I am so very obtuse about artichokes!

Cathy Hamilton said...

Hi, Judy. Glad to assist: Artichokes are all about the leaves (you scrape the "meat" off with your teeth - it's fun; kind of primal) and, as a bonus, the heart. (Have an empty bowl ready for the 'used' leaves. Throw them away in the trash; not the garbage disposal.) You don't eat the "feathers" inside or the very outermost leaves, but there is plenty to enjoy and the little suckers are full of fiber. Here is a pretty good tutorial: Let me know how it goes when you take the plunge! Thanks for reading my blog. BG

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