Thursday, May 12, 2011

The wine bra? Uh, no.

After our fabulous "Food and Wine" cruise, I won't be doing any serious wine tasting for a while. At least, until "Salute," an annual fundraising event here in July. Another thing I won't be doing is purchasing a "wine bra," designed by wine enthusiasts to free up their hands at tastings, cocktail parties, etc. It's a good idea. It just brings to mind that thing my father-in-law used to say just before dinner: "Time to strap on the old feedbag!"


Carol Starr Schneider said...

A wine bra? That is all kinds of wrong. I admire you for not indulging in this consumer opportunity. Please, you might spill all over your decolletage!

Ann said...

Looks like the wine world's equivalent of the old Pocket Protector!

Annie said...

I love it. At least you won't drop food off your plate anymore. Yeah, it does resemble a feedbag.