Saturday, June 11, 2011

Is it 5 o'clock yet?

    Look what just arrived in the mail! A review copy of "Mojitos and other muddled drinks" by Kim Haasarud. Kim has concocted a career coveted by cocktail lovers everywhere. (Or, at least, by me.) She's a professional mixologist, best-selling author and frequent TV beverage expert. Check out her website: Liquid Architecture. (And, for local readers, she went to high school in Kansas City and K.U. for one year. How small is this world?)
   The first cocktail I'm going to try is the Lemon-Basil Julep (p. 115) using my favorite sugar-free simple syrup:


iNoggie said...

Where do you buy the sugar/carb
free syrup in Lawrence/KC? Just
been diagnosed with diabetes and
am looking for all the help I can

Cathy Hamilton said...

I picked up my last bottle in KC but I think World Market stocks quite a few sugar-free flavors. On the back wall by the coffee and tea. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I checked World Market and several other places in Lawrence. No one had simple syrup. Where in KC?
Thanks so much.

Cathy Hamilton said...

I believe it was Whole Foods in KC but it could have been Dean & Deluca. Here's a sure thing:

Kim Haasarud said...

Monin is a great syrup company - they have 100+ syrups you can buy online (, but they also have a line of sugar-free syrups that are pretty good.

You can also make your own sugar-free syrup. Splenda also comes in a granulated form to use as an exact substitute, so you can make a sugar free simple syrup yourself. 1 part granulated Splenda to 1 part water.

Hope this helps! And thanks for the support for the book! Kim

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