Friday, June 10, 2011

The lights are much brighter there.

    A power outage in downtown Lawrence forced me to come home early today. 'Seems the lights are always blinking off and on in my fair little city. Nobody knows why.
    As I was driving home, I hoped the power would come back by dinnertime, then started thinking about the "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" toast contest I entered (see entry below) and how the judging will likely take place this weekend. Five finalists will be chosen to fly to New York for a "toast off" later this month in the Unilever kitchens. (The Food Network is's kind of a big deal.)
That started me thinking about how much I *heart* New York City at night. I'll never forget how that incredible skyline with all the lights came into view as I crossed the Brooklyn Bridge in a taxi for the first time in 1997.  And THAT started me thinking about this song from one of my favorite classic Broadway musicals:


Annie said...

I love the skyline of New York although it looks so much different since the World Trade Center is gone. The line from the song Downtown made me smile. I used to hear that every morning before work

Cathy Hamilton said...

Annie, I decided that maybe that "1997" skyline shot was insensitive or, at least, inappropriate. Nevertheless, there's nothing like the Big Apple at night. Except maybe a Midwestern backyard full of fireflies in June!

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