Friday, June 3, 2011

Lock up your Xanax

It's a hard pill to swallow (sorry), but some of our precious little angels do drugs. In fact, a new study surveyed 2,500 high schoolers and reported that one in four admitted to abusing Rx drugs. (I'm guessing that number's a little low.) If you plan to spend more time with your kids or grandkids this summer, the National Family Partnership urges you to safeguard your medicines by monitoring quantities and controlling access.  They say 70% of teens who abuse Rx drugs get them from family and friends. 68% of households do not properly secure their Rx medications. For more information, see NFP's website.


Annie said...

Yes, I have heard teens self-medicating is on the rise using prescription meds. Depression is common in the teen years with changing hormones, peer pressure etc.. How easy to pop a vicodin from grandma's medicine cabinet and zone for a while. People do need to be conscience of this and keep medicines looked up accordingly. We need to address the problem not just medicate for it.

buy xanax said...

It works great.Im actually able to go out in public when I take a small dose.I get along w/others,I am patient,and calm.WWithout it I would still be cooped up in my house and avoiding others and yelling @ my man.This is a miracle drug it saved my life.

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