Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Orazyme: The cure for cotton mouth?

    Dry mouth is a common byproduct of middle age, caused by a variety of medications, dehydration, diabetes, smoking, snoring and other contributing factors. It's the reason I wake up coughing in the night, in my air-conditioned room with ceiling fan running at full speed. (I'm a mouth-breather. Unattractive, but true.)
   Orazyme is a mouth wash developed to combat dry mouth. According to company literature, it "moistens the mouth on contact....soothes irritated oral tissue and promotes healing of cracks and sores due to dry mouth conditions. Its unique moisturizing film-forming capabilities coupled with 7 bio-active enzymes help restore moisture and create healthy microflora for long-lasting relief."
    I've tried Orazyme twice a day for about a week now. It has a filmy, slightly-oily texture, which bothered my sensitive palate in the beginning. But, the taste is pleasant and I have gotten relief from 2 a.m. cotton mouth. The best part is, after using it at bedtime, you'll wake up minus that dreaded morning breath. Now, if only I could convince my husband to give it a try. Recommended.

    This product was sent to me free of charge, with no monetary compensation or incentive to offer a favorable review. Results may vary from person to person.


Annie said...

Thanks for the heads up for dry mouth. You are right so many of us have it by middle age. These tips are great and it is so good to know a real person uses it and likes it.

Cathy Hamilton said...

You're welcome, Annie. And to think I used to think dry mouth was the result of too much wine the night before!

Maia Dobson said...

My uncle who used to smoke a lot tried this product and he says it works. He seldom smoke now because he doesn't want to have bad breath too. I would recommend that you guys try this product too.

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Darby McClintock said...

I've always been on the hunt for products such as this one because I'm a smoker but after having tried over a dozen already to no avail, I guess this one has to pass the standards of my omaha dentists first.

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