Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Tomorrow is the 51st annual Downtown Lawrence Sidewalk Sale. 20 to 30 thousand bargain hunters shoppers are expected to descend on a 5-block stretch of Massachusetts Street, starting around 4:30 tomorrow morning and not ending till about 9 pm.
The expected high tomorrow: 101 degrees.
Guess who's in charge of this hot, panting puppy? That's right. I am! It's the biggest retail event of the year for our merchants' association and I have no earthly idea what to expect. All I know is, I'm getting up at 4 and taking a complete change of clothes with me to work, along with extra pairs of shoes, a cooler, plenty of ice, sunscreen, Xanax (not really; OK, really, but just for back-up) and a whole bunch of cash.
Fortunately, I managed to snag Sidewalk Sale prices a day early from my next-door neighbor, Brown's Shoe Fit, purveyors of stylish, foot-healthy shoes.

The babies I bought are Galley Sandals in Brunello Red by Born. I heart them because the heel isn't too high (not quite two inches), the style is timeless, they're comfy as heck, and the crimson color is sex-y-y-y! AND, I got them for $30 off!

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Brenda Susan said...

What fun! Reminds me of my years of working in an expensive shoe store that had a huge sale once a year. People lined up for it and it went on and on, but really fun!

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