Saturday, July 23, 2011

The calm before Trader Joe's

Our overnight in Kansas City had such a relaxing beginning.  The pool at the Marriott was cool and refreshing, as was our in-room A/C (I was worried it couldn't keep up with the 103-degree heat.) We dined leisurely at one of my favorite KC bistros, got a great night's sleep, then took in Monet's Water Lillies on exhibit at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art this morning. So beautiful and serene.
Note: Not my photo. Cameras weren't allowed.
Unfortunately, the serenity didn't stick, due to our scheduled stop at Kansas City's new Trader Joe's. Can you say CLUSTER CHUCK!??!!
Yes, I know it was a Saturday. And, only the second Saturday since their opening, at that. But, we were right there and the Two Buck Chuck beckoned.
I'd been to TJ's before in Boston when my daughter was in school there, but the TJ's in her 'hood didn't have wine, and I couldn't buy groceries since we were in a hotel. So, you see, it had to be done.
Half an hour in line and a 45-minute drive home later, we are stocked with some of TJ's most popular products including one Two Buck Chuck (it's really 3 bucks) of each variety.
Who knows? Maybe we can get some of that serenity back tonight!


Ellen said...

Wow, congratulations on having a Trader Joe's! We don't have any in Florida yet, but I've been in them on the west coast and they're great! Good luck on the serenity!


When I lived in Chicago I used to frequent Trader Joe's. Love their cranberry juice spritzer. Used to serve it at the holidays. Unfortunately the nearest store is 2 hours away from me now and I haven't been there in a while. So sad.

Cathy Hamilton said...

The Trader Joe's phenomenon is so interesting, don't you think? In the future, I'll probably treat like it Costco (also in Kansas City) - a place to occasionally stock up on select favorites and, of course, that 3-buck Chuck. The cab was amazingly good for the price!

Carol Starr Schneider said...

I just blogged about Trader Joe's... the scary place where carts go missing, along with your sanity, but you can't beat the prices. Shop defensively.

Cathy Hamilton said...

Read your blog. Highly entertaining, as usual, but good lord....such passive aggression at Trader Joe's! Do you do all your grocery shopping there? I wonder if people really do. The produce dept at our store seemed small and I didn't notice a fresh meat and fish section. But, it was crazy-crowded and we made a beeline for the wine.

iNoggie said...

Curious about items in photo...
the three on the left. I was
in Trader Joes last week here
in KC. If I am going to risk
my life and sanity to go back
again I would like recommendations
on the "good stuff."

iNoggie said...

I should have said which photo.
Not to the ones in the cart.
Photo with pita chips.

Cathy Hamilton said...

Nog, I haven't tried anything but the marinara (which was excellent) and the prosciutto roll with mozzarella (which I would never buy again). Those are mini artichokes on the far left and avocado verde sauce on the far right, which I've seen recommended all over the web as a guacamole ingredient. You can Google 'Trader Joe's favorites' and get all kinds of recommendations.

Carol Starr Schneider said...

I only go to TJ's for favorites. I like some of the frozen stuff, including the pizza and breaded chicken tenders. The oatmeal cookies are addictive. The olive oil popcorn is delish.

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