Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ellen's must-see blog

So, this woman in Florida leaves a comment under my giveaway post, hoping to win herself some toast tongs. I don't recall seeing her name before on BoomerGirl, so I click through to her profile, then onto her blog, mysteriously titled "Life is Just a Bowl of Chicken." I'm thinking I'll find a recipe site devoted to fowl. But, no! This hilarious woman's hobby is, in her own words: re-creating retirement photos from articles about retirement or senior living on the web. I love everything about it - finding the articles, re-creating the photos, and fitting them into our everyday life. That's Ellen and her husband (who is either equally hilarious and incredibly game or way over-medicated) in the photo above, re-creating the photo below:
These adorable people - who are big fans of the Ramones, by the way - made my day and I'll bet they'll make yours. Go to her site now. You'll never look at those "living it up in our silver years" ads in the same way again. 


Anonymous said...

You always have the most interesting links. I thought you had the market cornered on poking fun at the aging process, but Ellen & Robert are right up there. Maybe Robert is game and overly medicated. Thanks Cathy. Love you column in the LJW and love your blog.

Cathy Hamilton said...

Thank you, Anon. I love discovering funny, irreverent little nuggets, on occasion.

Ellen said...

Wow, I'm so glad you like my blog! It's a fun little hobby, and Robert is definitely a good sport.

Cathy Hamilton said...

Ellen, I really do love it. And what a fun, creative activity for you and Robert to do together. I keep telling my husband we're going to need a project, and it's not going to be golf!

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