Saturday, July 2, 2011

Perfectly processed pesto!

    The first basil harvest/pesto-making of the summer is always exciting, but especially so since we returned from Italy in May. This year, I was determined to replicate the exquisite pesto we sampled in the Cinque Terre and I think I've come pretty close with this "extra chunky" version.
   I started by throwing two large garlic cloves and 3 cups of firmly packed basil into the food processor, along with 2 tablespoons of grated Parmesan and 1 cup of olive oil. I processed those for 10 seconds, then added a cup of pine nuts and walnut pieces combined (because I only had a small jar of pine nuts - too expensive!) and processed for an additional ten seconds. That's it. In the past, I've had a tendency to over-grind which makes for a smoother albeit less interesting sauce. The rustic version looks great and has a satisfying crunch and bolder flavor. I can't wait to try it ... on everything!


GolferGirl said...

i love pesto and this sounds wonderful, can't wait to make it!

Cathy Hamilton said...

GG, I "devil" eggs with my pesto, which are always a big hit on the 4th. Just mash up the hard-boiled yokes with a little mayo to make smooth, then mix in the pesto.

mel said...

My hubby makes his pesto this way too- we like these with french bread or baguette slices- shave fresh parmesan or asiago cheese on top and broil for a few minutes- yum!