Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why I heart Tervis tumblers

The fridge was about bare, so I had to venture out into the 100-degree heat (it's 109 in Wichita, so I really can't complain) for sustenance. I filled my jumbo Tervis Tumbler  to the top with ice and green tea, made two stops (World Market for 15 minutes; grocery store for 30) leaving the glass in the sweltering car, and - whattya know? - there was still ice when I got home. Love that! (Sometimes, it's the little things.)


Marguerite said...

I used to have some of the Tervis tumblers. Slowly they disappeared. Thanks for the link, as I have ordered some new ones. The heat here in Texas has been unbelievable, too. Congrats on the great job organizing all your brassieres VC style. You go, girl!

Marguerite said...

Make that VS style. Oops.

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