Thursday, August 11, 2011

R.I.P., Mr. Coffee

   Cue the bagpipes and call the caterer. Ding dong, the coffee pot is dead!
   I know, (she said sheepishly.) It seems like so much petty materialistic fluff. But, I couldn't WAIT for that thing to kick the bucket, what with its mismatched replacement carafe and the deafening gurgling sounds it made at the end of the brew. I just couldn't justify buying a new one before the old one died. Now it has! I can go forth to Target or Costco or even Williams-Sonoma (where my sis gets a discount) and pick out a new one. I'm thinking stainless steel, to match the kitchen appliances. Do they exist, I wonder? Let the small appliance shopping begin. Woo hoo!!!


Cariedaway said...

Hi Cathy, have to recommend the Cuisinart coffee maker w. stainless steel carafe. I had a Mr. Coffee-type (mine was Black & Decker) coffee maker for many years, and must have gone through at lest 1-2 carafes per year.(Dunno WHY they're so easy to break!) Anyhow, like you I couldn't just throw out a working coffee maker, but my wonderful mom got me the new Cuisinart for the holidays 2010, and I LOVE it! And I can't destroy the stainless steel carafe!

Carol Starr Schneider said...

Mr. Coffee! Ba-bye... Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? (Wasn't he the spokesman? Did I dream that?" Mr. Coffee, so '80s. We moved on long ago, first to Braun, and now, happily Cuisinart, which makes the stainless steel you have your heart set on. Go forth and spend. Use your coupons wisely, and prosper.

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