Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Three buck Chuck and Aldi cheese

What to do after another devastating day on Wall Street? Throw yourself a wine and cheese party that won't break the bank! A friend recently told me that Trader Joe's is owned by the same family-owned company that owns Aldi, the discount grocery store. Another friend, more familiar with Aldi than I, said the A-store actually carries some high-quality items, especially their dairy products that contain no growth hormones. I took a trip to Aldi last night to see for myself and am happy to report the cheese (that's Jalapeno Havarti on the plate) is simply delicious, especially with the Charles Shaw cab. Best of all, that little snack you see in the photo cost me around 95 cents.


Kallie Berens said...

You have inspired me to buy some delicious cheese today at lunch!

Anonymous said...

We just got Aldi's here on Long Island, New York!

I LOVE them!

Apparently, inflation has even effected Two Buck!

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