Sunday, September 11, 2011


from the Los Angeles Times


A fan said...

Where were you ten years ago? I was getting ready for work with the TODAY show on. When second plane hit -- called friends in Brooklyn, who I knew didn't watch tv in the mornings. They picked up and I told them to turn on tv. (They worked in Manhattan). Went to office, but no one could work. Remember the gas panic in Lawrence? People started running out of the office around 3 pm to line up for gas amid rumors of $10 per gallon the next day. I didn't join the panic. But, had a hard time getting home because the lines for gas overflowing on the streets. I filled up the next morning - no lines and plenty of gas.

Cathy Hamilton said...

I had just gotten to work at the TV station and saw the 2nd plane hit simultaneously on about ten monitors. I remember standing frozen among my colleagues and being really confused. I vaguely remember the gas panic, but the rest of the day was quite a blur. I remember someone said 'it's the end of the world as we know it' and that R.E.M. song was stuck in my head for days. I have a friend in Brooklyn, too, and when I emailed her, she'd been out collecting financial documents that were raining down into her yard.

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