Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Boogying down with my bad self

Thank you for not mentioning how Tom Cruise's legs are better than mine.
    My husband and daughter are leaving tomorrow for a 5-day road trip to Colorado. I am so overjoyed to be alone (except for the dog), I'm going to come home from work, kick off my pants, put some Bob Segar on the stereo and have myself a sock-footed foyer dance. I wonder how much risky business I can get into at my age?
   On a related note, here's another study suggesting moderate drinking is good for women's health. Cheers!


Ellen said...

Great picture! Here's how to get the pictures to go with your blog list: Sign in to Blogger. Go to Design. Click Add a Gadget. Click on Blog list. Check Thumbnail of most recent item. (I also have the title and date checked.) Speaking of studies, I read about one from England that said an increased number of older people are slipping and falling in their homes these days while wearing socks, which they attribute to the popularity of wood flooring. Hm...

Cathy Hamilton said...

Thanks for the Blogger info, Ellen. The study you've noted is making me rethink my wardrobe for my first night of solitude tomorrow. Think I'll put on my slipper socks with the rubber strips on the bottom. You probably just saved my life.