Saturday, October 22, 2011

Why I love Facebook

...because sometimes, people post stuff like this. 


Carol Starr Schneider said...

This same troublemaker has occupied my fridge, too. Methinks there's a movement afoot.

Anonymous said...

I used to only drink skim milk constantly found out it is sugar and water from dr. oz and now i get 2 percent for me and my hubby..We use it in everything to get our calcium, I do use half and half for the many cups of tea I drink daily and to bake and cook with it gives the recipes I make an extra dose of creaminess..Enjoy your blog daily...just saying!!!!!!!

Cathy Hamilton said...

Thanks Anon. As a frequent Atkins devotee, I knew skim had more carbs than 2 percent or even (be still my heart) whole milk. I always put a little half and half in my coffee and - when I'm on the Atkins wagon - add it to some whole milk ricotta with a little cinnamon and stevia for a luscious dessert. (I need to get back to the 'daily' bit. Just taking a little break.)