Sunday, November 6, 2011

Falling back, but falling softly

    In an effort to soften the blow of daylight savings time coming to an end, I took two 3 mg Melatonin tabs last night at 10 and slept soundly until 8 a.m. which, of course, was 7 a.m. on my self-adjusting timepieces this morning.  Melatonin (see link above) is my new alternative to the half-Ambien I've been taking every other night to combat my - for lack of a sexier term - post-menopausal insomnia. (Let's face it, insomnia at any age isn't sexy. Unless you're a hooker. In that case, it might be a somewhat attractive asset.)
   The only thing I really like about standard time is leaving the office in the dark. It gives you that sense of accomplishment, staying until the streetlights come on. As if you've burned the midnight oil, albeit seven hours earlier.
   Otherwise - with an apologetic nod to my farmer friends - it kind of sucks.

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