Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My best grade ever

The hubs and I are refinancing the house to take advantage of historically low rates (3-3/8% on a 10-year fixed) and to buy that luxurious, used "conveyance" I talked about last week. (What can I say? It was a deal he couldn't refuse, our daughter needed to get out of her death trap and I detest car loans.) I cringed at getting into a loan with a term that was almost four years longer than our current mortgage but, in the end, the numbers made sense and we can pay it down (or off, completely) early without penalty. The process has been fairly painless. The appraiser came yesterday, and it will be interesting (if not a little heartbreaking) to see how much our home is worth on today's market. The best part was seeing my credit score: A whopping 811, the equivalent of an A-plus! I've been hearing about credit scores for years now (thanks to adorable money nerd, Clark Howard) and always wondered what mine was. It turns out, despite my woeful beginnings as a single and financially clueless person, I am now a really good risk. Age has its advantages, I suppose.


Nebraskim said...

Congrats. Several years ago we had to get a bridge loan, and the guy at the Credit Union told us we had the highest credit rating he'd ever seen. I looked at my husband and said, "well duh, I always test well." I don't remember the exact number now, in the middle 800s. I felt like I did when I got very high scores on the ACT/SAT and later the LSAT. I test well. I may not perform well, but I ace tests. (I'm jealous of the new conveyance....)

Cathy Hamilton said...

Good for you, Kim!! I only wish my father were still alive so he could say, "Congratulations, Cath. You're finally working up to your potential!"

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