Sunday, November 27, 2011

Room with a view

     The hubs and I wisely decided to get a room after a big party in downtown Kansas City last night. We did our Priceline bidding and scored the 4-star Hotel Phillips for just $60. (That's a 55% savings according to William Shatner, dontcha know?) PLUS, our lovely check-in girl, Megan, granted us an upgrade to a corner executive suite on the 18th floor! (Always compliment your check-in girl's earrings.) It's a gracious hotel, Art Deco cool and stately, with fine amenities and a symphony of old hotel sounds, including kids screaming down the hall at 8 a.m. and a maid knocking on the door by mistake at 8:20. But, hey, the price was right.



We just paid 108 bucks for a night at a Country Inns and Suites in the boonies. I want my money back.

Cathy Hamilton said...

TT, give Priceline a try next time. It's nervewracking at first, but if you're sure of your plans, and you pick enough 'stars' and the area of town you want to be in, you can't go wrong. The worst part for me is wondering if I could have bid lower.

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