Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why not me?

   With tonight's jackpot of $245 mill, it's time to play "What would I do if I won the lottery?' a fantasy I indulge far too often, despite the fact that I buy lottery tickets once in a blue moon. But, here's the plan:
    First, I won't even check my ticket until tomorrow morning. I'll need all the sleep I can get if I'm going to hit that jackpot. (And I WILL hit that jackpot!) After triple-checking my numbers, followed by the obligatory leaping and screaming, I'd go straight to the bank and put the ticket in my safe deposit box. Next, I'd plan a series of vacations, starting with another Oceania cruise, if not an extended stay at a European begin immediately following the prize-claiming ceremony. There, I would de-stress - with the hubs and kids (yes, they can come, too) - and start planning the disbursement of funds to family, friends and charitable causes, along with a few modest home purchases - an apartment in New York City, a chalet in the Rockies and a villa in Sayulita, Mexico. I'd come home just in time for the holidays, so I could do that anonymous Santa thing and hand out out multiple $100 bills to unsuspecting needy people. Stressful? You bet. But, I'd have myself one helluva Christmas.
   What would YOU do?


Carol Starr Schneider said...

If I won, I would give it all to the Kardashians, who would know how to spend it wisely.


I'd buy a cottage by a lake and enjoy the view.

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