Friday, December 23, 2011

2 weeks wheat-free and feeling fantastic!

    It's rare that I make it two weeks on any diet. At least, in the strict no-little-cheats-here-or-there kind of way. Especially at holiday time. But, I have done it! I have been 100% wheat-free (OK, I'll be honest and say 97% wheat-free - I've had scotch) since Dec. 9 and I feel like a thousand dollars. My energy level is up, bloating and swelling are way down (my wedding ring actually feels loose in the morning), five pounds are gone, and my face is missing those unsightly puff pockets under the eyes. Even the vague little aches and pains I always attributed to age are AWOL. The best thing about the Wheat Belly diet is how easy it is to simply put down the fork. Without the appetite stimulants in wheat, it's easier to know when to say when. I've turned away or ignored restaurant bread baskets four times in the past 14 days!
   The biggest challenge will be getting through the next three days without falling off the no-wheat wagon, which could be difficult given our traditional Beef Wellington Christmas Eve dinner. But hey, nobody said you have to EAT the flaky golden puff pastry enveloping the beef tenderloin, right?


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! keep it up! And thanks for the update, it's so encouraging! I'm working on it but it's everywhere in my diet. Cereal for breakfast, sandwich for lunch, crackers in the soup, argh!

Cathy Hamilton said...

Anon, wheat is everywhere, for sure. I've settled into a smoothie or eggs for breakfast, salad and/or soup for lunch and meat/veggie/salad dinner routine which is working, so far....although I am a big lover of variety, so I'll need to start getting creative pretty soon. Thanks, and keep working on it. It is a good feeling at this point in the season not to be bloating out of my jeans.

Carol Starr Schneider said...

I am so honored to know you, BG, whether you eat wheat or give it up entirely. You are one impressive gal. Merry Xmas and A Happy, Wheat-Free New Year. I, on the other hand, will continue with my gluten-ous, routine of bagels and pasta, for I have no, repeat, no self-control at this stage. None. xxx