Sunday, December 4, 2011

Closure for the collection

The collection
I've written previously about my mother-in-law's extensive costume jewelry collection, one that I've been storing in our spare bedroom in six storage boxes for over a year.  You can imagine then, how happy I was when the female relatives who came to town for her funeral, divvied everything up and took much of the bling home with them.  (Can you imagine the scene at the airport metal detector?)
Of course, I did keep several dozen pieces for my daughter and me. There's the "formal" stuff in the photo above.

But my favorite part is the box of lapel pins she collected throughout her life, from countless cities and states she visited. I have no idea what we're going to do with them, but they're really fun to look through.


Nebraskim said...

Cathy: the artist daughter of a friend did a fantastic piece of art for her HS Honors project using costume jewelry from my friend's mother, her grandmother.

Sylvia, the mom, had so much costume jewelry that my friend had a woman come over and sort out all the valuable stuff (based on maker, etc., and some of it was actually extremely valuable and they sold on ebay) and then the rest of the stuff was put into literally a giant 55 gallon rubbermaid tote (think the size of trash containers you put curbside) and hauled to Chicago.

The daughter made a life-sized deer head out of styrofoam and then encrusted it with Sylvia's jewelry. She found some antlers at a garage sale and attached them to the sculpture, then mounted it on a board so it can be hung, just like a trophy deer head. It is fantastic.

A local art museum here had a similar piece last year that was an encrusted life-size horse. Again, astonishingly creative. I've seen similar wreaths, etc. Buy a styrofoam form and wrap it with grosgrain ribbon to cover up the white. Then just start pinning, hot-gluing, etc. You cannot make a mistake. And it will become a great item that your family will treasure. I bet you can find examples of this on Etsy. Good luck.

There is a Bo Obama dog sculpture at the White House this year made entirely of black and white buttons. I saw a pix on the WaPo site. You could do a dog with jewels. So fun.

Carol Starr Schneider said...

Such organization. Love the pins. Nothing from Sherman Oaks?

Lena Harris said...

Six storage boxes? That's a lot of jewelry and I'm sure your mother-in-law spent a lot of money to collect it.

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spinner rings said...

Now that's a huge set of jewelry collections! I'm sure you won't be having problem with your accessories whenever you're invited for a party!

gold buyers said...

Judging from the box of pins you posted, I'm pretty sure your mother-in-law have been to all of US States. I wonder how much you are going to make if you sell all of those stuffs.

Ali Johanson said...

Nice jewelry collection. I am collecting as well. Most of it comes from canadian jewellery. I am kind of choosy with the place where I keep it.

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