Monday, January 2, 2012

The year of the microgreen

One of the results of our New Year's Eve party (besides a headache and chronic fatigue yesterday) was a new subscription to a local greenhouse operation service that delivers fresh greens to your home every week. My friend, Sue, brought a salad made from the greens and it was so delicious and fresh! I signed up this morning and can't wait to receive my first batch of sprouts, arugula, kale and beet greens. I feel healthier already, my caramel double-latte notwithstanding.



HAPPY NEW YEAR. May 2012 bless you with all the little things that matter. I enjoy stopping by here to hear your conversation. Take care.

Anonymous said...

The link to the garden subscription program goes to the wheatbelly program. Hope you can fix that. Happy New Year to you!

Cathy Hamilton said...

Thanks, Anon. Fixed it.
- BG