Tuesday, January 10, 2012

At last!

At least, now we have a date. It's only been 525 days since the end of Season 4 (thanks, HuffPost, for doing the math). That was so long ago, I can hardly remember what happened in the last episode. I think Don's still engaged to Megan and Joan's decided to keep the baby (Roger's?) but that's about all I can pull up without Google'ing. It's still 75 more days to wait, but it feels good knowing MM is finally returning, and just in time to save us from the last half of primary season.

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Carol Starr Schneider said...

Oh, BG, I thought of you immediately when I read the news this morning. I'm not sure we can wait that long. Till end o' March? I thought April was the cruelest month. Na-uh. It's March! Have they no sense of common decency? Meanwhile, I can't remember any more than your brief recap, either. But whatever they give us, storywise, we'll take it and we will love it. Woo-hoo. Don Draper! Bring. It!!!!!

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