Sunday, February 12, 2012

Efudex Day 16: Renewed appreciation for make-up

"Before" shot. Makeup on from the eyes down.
I continue to document my Efudex drama for all the people who will be handed a prescription by their dermatologist, then proceed to Google "Efudex" images until they're so scared they put off treatment for months, like I did. Here I am at Day 16 (with 5 days to go) and, while my forehead now resembles a pepperoni pizza, I am doing fine. It has been far less painful than I thought and the itching, while annoying at times, is totally manageable. I have a way to go until I achieve total crustiness (that's the holy grail of this deal; the sign that you are healed) but, so far, I've had no desire to stay away from people, like my doctor told me I would.
The difference, of course, is make-up. I don't wear it all the time because it tends to increase the itching. But on days like today when I have to do some light errand running, it's a godsend. Here, for you present and future Efudex patients, is my arsenal...
Weapons of mass deception
From left to right: Clinique's tinted moisturizer (which covered the spots pretty well the first 8 or 9 days); Clinique's airbrush concealer (slightly lighter shade, good for the little spots); Erase Paste by Benefit (the big guns, heavier coverage) and Clinique's Even Better makeup which provides nice, all-over coverage.

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