Sunday, February 26, 2012

Missing the greatest Jayhawk fan of all

I've got my game face on. (Check out the size of that melon!)
My father - may he rest in peace - gave me many things including an enormous head, lead feet (the reason I rarely saw action on my high school basketball team), and an undying devotion for the University of Kansas. I live just a block away from that university now, and only three blocks from storied Allen Fieldhouse where the University of Kansas beat our arch-rival, the University of Missouri, yesterday. It was the last-ever regular season, Big 12 Conference game in a rivalry born on Civil War battlefields with Kansas on the side of good and God. (For you out-of-state readers who may not know - or care, understandably - M.U. is leaving the Big 12 for the SEC.) It was a down-to-the-buzzer, one-point, overtime barn-burner and the best, most exciting game I've seen in my entire life. After an exhausting night of celebrating, I woke up in a sweet afterglow tinged with melancholy. I sure wish my Dad could have seen that game. And I'm sad to see such a great tradition come to an end.

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