Sunday, February 19, 2012

My cautionary tale

    I'm hoping today's column will make readers think twice before hitting the tanning beds (which should be outlawed, imho). And, if you're over 40, get your epidermis into the dermatologist's office for a full body scan asap.
    Yes, I'm on a bit of a soapbox. But, I think I'm entitled.


Carol Starr Schneider said...

Oh hon, I feel ya. In Cali, we used cocoa butter and baby oil. Sometime in the early 80s, we started hearing sun wasn't good for us. Glad you're taking care of this now, brave girl! xx

Flowers said...

Glad your treatment is over. The haircut you chose to cover the spots looks great! Hope you've nipped the condition in the bud.

Nebraskim said...

I am incredibly lucky to be able to "tan easily without burning." In fact, I've never had a terrible sunburn, thanks to my half-Asian racial makeup. So I've never been one to wear sunscreen and rarely do, but I do see why it's important. I don't even wear makeup.

Just recently I learned I have "dry" skin, which is new for me. The derm asked me what "moisturizer" I used and was shocked when I said, "nothing." So now I'm to use some stuff called Cerave with spf 30. Haven't bought it yet, but am at least in the "thinking about it" mode. Good for you, Cathy, to get on top of the AKs now before things progress to a more difficult battle.

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