Saturday, February 4, 2012

That's all, folks!

Semi-dress rehearsal in my living room. One of many. Rehearsals, that is. Not living rooms.
One of the reasons I haven't been BoomerGirl'ing much lately is because I was rehearsing this fine cadre of, er, gals for a talent show, which finally occurred last night. The show was part of the "Red Shoe Event," a fundraiser for our community homeless shelter. Our top secret act was called "Honey, I Shrunk Beyonce" and our featured number was "All the Single Ladies." What you don't see in the picture above are the "arms" of the Beyonce clones since their wives were rehearsing elsewhere. This is what the scene looked like backstage when the act came together, and I use that term loosely....
A friend videotaped the show. I hope to see our act soon on YouTube. When I do, I'll embed it here so you can see why I've been so distracted lately.  (I'm still hearing that song in my head.)

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