Sunday, March 18, 2012

Slumber party of one

This week, after months of just thinking about it, I officially started sleeping alone (in a bed versus on the living room couch.)  Of course, I told everybody about it in my column today. For the record, my spouse is really OK with the move. He says, "When you're happy (read: not bitchy), I'm happy (read: not being bitched at)." I slept 9-1/2 hours again last night, which may be a testament to my snore-free surroundings or my new iComfort mattress with its heavenly cooling technology. (That is an unsolicited endorsement for Serta. They did not, unfortunately, send me a free sleep system.)


Carol Starr Schneider said...

Sounds like heaven. We sleep separately when I'm sick, and it's the only way I get better. Enjoy!

Nebraskim said...

I admit to being kind of jealous. My DH doesn't snore badly...but I soooooo hate our mattress. He prefers the slab that's hard as a rock bed, and well, I don't. I find I sleep so much better in most hotel beds, but he complains they are "too soft." In his world, the concrete slab with a bit of padding over the top is too soft. He refuses to even think about a memory foam bed because he is convinced it will be "too hot." He only wants to sleep with a sheet (and we sleep windows open all but the very coldest nights of the year) and I am huddled under the electric blanket. Interestingly, the dog and cat that sleep with us end up on my side most nights as even they get too cold and prefer the EB.

Laurie said...

I'll share your dirty secret... Dh and I have had separate beds for a few years now. Ours suffered the snoring (him), the hot flashes (me), and the nightly struggle for blankets - no blankets and room temperature. It wasn't until a medicine he was on gave him tardive dyskinesia (uncontrollable movements) that we made the switch. Both of us reported sleeping better and years later we are still in love as much as we have always been! I think having separate rooms is a blessing because it also gives us both some alone time (hard to find in this busy world)! Enjoy your new room and just remember to invite each other over once in a while :)