Sunday, April 8, 2012

Forget the eggs, I'm hunting for Durkee's

I've got a bee in my Easter bonnet, people! I discovered last night that my grocery store (Dillons, of the Kroger family) no longer carries Durkee Famous Sauce. Don't they know it's famous!?? There are members of my clan who, despite the exotic offerings of my fabulous mustard bar, will consider their ham sandwich incomplete without a generous shmear of the Durk. So, it is off to HyVee I go in hopes of putting a Durkee's in my basket.  Happy Easter, everyone!


Cathy Hamilton said...

Update: Durkee's is still available at HyVee...whew.


THANK goodness you found some. Never had it, now I'm curious. LOL HAPPY EASTER. Hope it is a wonderful day. ENJOY your celebration. Take care.

Nebraskim said...

I buy this at a local independent grocery that specializes in "gourmet" items. It is indeed one-of-a-kind. This post makes me crave it and I'm going to having to buy some now. Glad you found it.