Sunday, April 22, 2012

Leeks and stuff soup

Determined not to let my bounty of veggies go to waste, I cut up a bunch of leeks, a few stalks of celery, a Vidalia onion, one bunch each of green onions and early garlic, sauteed them for a while and let them simmer for 30 minutes in white wine and chicken stock.
Then, I tossed it all in the processor until smooth and added some fresh cream and Greek yogurt, salt and pepper to taste.  I topped it off with fresh-cut chives from the garden - along with a couple of pretty chive flowers - and served it for lunch to the grubby hubby who came in from the yard, undoubtedly expecting more hearty - or, at least, less frilly - fare.
"That was amazing," he said, two servings later, as he returned to the garage to cuss at the mower. "The flavors. Surprisingly complex." Wonders. Will they never cease?


Nebraskim said...

Looks delicious, although I'm not a huge fan of so much oniony goodness. Is it just a trick of the photography that it looks a bit orange in the final pix? Also, your roses and other garden florals are magnificent!

KindHeart said...

I am a fan of soup with salad and bread. This soup looks satisfying delicious all by itself!

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