Sunday, May 20, 2012

Can good customer service be bad (or am I a true, blue bitch?)

We took a trip to my husband's hometown yesterday. His mom's house finally sold - knock wood till closing day - after three frustrating years on the market. While he dealt with business, I did a little shopping at the local mall, which is a depressing half-vacant shadow of its former self, but still has a Bath & Body Works. I was once a fan of B&BW but, nowadays, it's an assault on my mature senses. Too many crazy colors and patterns and fruity smells. That said, I do like their True Blue spa line, especially the margarita scented body scrub. (When it comes to fruit, I make exceptions for liquor-soaked limes.)
Unfortunately, they keep these products way in the back and, yesterday - being the only person in the store - I had to negotiate not one, but three, overly enthusiastic salespeople who really wanted to chat me up. I was not in the mood to talk, so I smiled and said my usual: "Just looking, thanks." Well! It's as if I had thrown down the gauntlet. They huddled at the cash register, then proceeded to tag-team me for the next five minutes: "It's Buy 2 Get the 3rd Free' today, one said when I paused to look at lotion. "Have you tried Malibu, the new fragrance? It's my favorite," said another. A few minutes later, the third popped around an end cap and made me gasp in fright: "These lip balms are so amazing. Buy 2, get 1 free!" That was it. I grabbed what I needed from the back corner, presented my credit card and declined to give my zip code or email address. As I high-tailed it out of there, I heard one of them say, "Whatever, ma'm."
     Call me an old fuddy-duddy, but when did "Just looking, thanks," stop working? And what do you say now to make them leave you alone when all you want to do is shop in peace?



I was in there a couple months ago and got the same thing. Must be how they're trained??? You should have seen the look of HORROR on their faces when I left, empty-handed. ENJOY what you got. Use it sparingly, though or you'll have to endure another trip there. LOL

Cathy Hamilton said...

Thanks for leaving the comment, Terre. I was beginning to think I was alone in my Bath & Body bitterness. I think it is how they're trained but I've yet to see a customer that really appreciates - or even responds to a hard sell like that.

Colleen in A2 said...

Been shopping at a Sephora lately? Ask for a particular product, they take you to the lcation of your product then through a series of quiet communications amongst the sales team, they basically follow you, keep in mind by different sales clerks, so you can't go anywhere in the store without being asked if you have found what you need. It is irritating!

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