Saturday, May 26, 2012

Covering the bases

One week from today, we'll be setting off on our journey to the motherland via planes, trains, automobiles and boats. Lots of travel, lots of opportunities for motion sickness. On last year's Mediterranean cruise, the seas were calm. This year, on the North Sea and Atlantic Ocean? We can't be too careful. Thus, the array of products above. Oh, and the earplugs are for me. Back in bed with the snorer after a blissful month and half in my own room? I can't be too careful there, either!

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cariedaway said...

Hey Cathy, re: seasickness - I suffer from it, but have found relief by using meclizine. That's the generic ingredient in Dramamine, and it doesn't make you sleepy like Dramamine does. Take the night BEFORE you get on the boat, and then take at 12-hour intervals. I've been on 3 cruises with it and never got sick once!

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