Thursday, May 24, 2012

Farewell, pink stove.

It seems fitting, somehow, that my husband will close the sale - at long last - on his mother's house tomorrow, as Memorial Day weekend begins. My MIL loved pink and, despite being the only woman in a household of four men, she used the color liberally in her home, even down to the kitchen appliances. The new owner will likely tear them out and that's a shame. Because they just don't make 'em like that anymore, and they probably never will again.

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Cath Pete said...

We had a turquoise stove in the house I grew up in--never saw another one like it any where.

A Fan said...

Very sweet. . . yes - pink, turquoise, cooper, avocado, gold tone appliances. . . someday will someone being saying the same thing about my stainless steel appliances, dark wood floors and granite counter tops? Probably so. :-)

Colleen in A2 said...

Reminds me of the copper colored double oven I once had in a house. I loved it and I also love your MILs pink one. Hopefully the new owners will love it too.