Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Photos that made the cut

Portree, Scotland
I've got one of those digital photo frames that puts on a little slide show every time you switch it on. So, you see, there's been a method to my mad postings since returning home: sorting the good shots from the 'what was I thinking?' shots or, in many cases, blurry pictures of my feet. As my final post from the "Vacation That Seems to Have No End," here are a few - just a few - of my favorites:
A food server takes in the view after breakfast (anchored off the Isle of Skye, Scotland).
The Standing Stones of Stenness - Kirkwall, Scotland

It cracks me up that I would even think of doing this.
Molly Malone statue ("Alive, Alive-oh") with leprechaun. Because even the Irish are a wee bit Disney.
St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh. Digging the arches.
Seriously good Scotch. Seriously.
St. Magnus Cathedral. This could be Magnus himself. Gotta love a saint who sleeps on the job.

St. Magnus Cathedral. Again, the arches. So cool.
Cruise friends: Anna and Steve from Munich
Thank God all bars aren't this pretty. I'd drink all the time.  
In Edinburgh. (Only because Johnston is my maiden name.) 

Ditto.  In Dublin.

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jp said...

Thank you for posting the photos and for sharing your great vacation! Brings back memories of past trips to the UK!

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