Monday, July 23, 2012

Embracing my spots. It's a process.

With the arrival of these complimentary review samples of Boom! by Cindy Joseph and considering our triple-digit heat wave, I have adjusted my attitude toward makeup to "less is more." Not "use more to look like you need less" but, really, use less, particularly less of all the concealers and foundations I've used for years to cover up my, er, freckles. "The Damn Spots" have been more anxiety-causing to me - aging-wise - than gray hair, wrinkles and sagging bits combined. In my TV days, I could get away with heavy (stage) makeup which would melt after five minutes in the summer heat. (There's not a white shirt I had that survived those years.) Not anymore. Not in these temperatures. So for the last week, I've used only a dusting of mineral makeup and Boom! "color" stick, a sheer, universal color that works on cheeks, lips, neck and forehead. "The Damn Spots" are definitely more obvious, but I'm trying very hard to love them.


Carol Starr Schneider said...

Boom! You look mahvelous!!!

Cath Pete said...

You look lovely. I've tried the Boomsticks for a few weeks now & so far so good (but I am a minimalist in the make-up dept.). Is the product in the jar the same as the glo stick?

Cathy Hamilton said...

CP, I should have elaborated. The jar contains an "all over" moisturizer and it is just OK. I don't do "glimmer," so I haven't tried that, but I do like the "color" and clear sticks. It's a little disconcerting not having the coverage I've been used to for years, but I'm trying to make "minimal" my mantra.