Monday, July 2, 2012

Going low-glycemic

I continue to lose weight (albeit slowly) on the Wheat Belly diet which, it turns out, resembles the low-glycemic diet everyone's raving about lately.
While the article linked-to above is aimed at children's diets, I think the information is helpful for everyone, especially with the diabetes epidemic raging in this country.  And, the thing is, it's not hard to stick to. As long as I can have scotch.


Nebraskim said...

I cut out wheat Memorial Day weekend because I suspected I was allergic....I had been plagued with itchy hives for months, plus a few other GI symptoms and joint pain. All disappeared within a week. A nutritionist friend told me wheat allergies (not the same as gluten intolerance) are pretty common and I have other allergies so this might be consistent for me.

I was surprised to have lost weight. It's been easy to be wheat free. I did eat a lot of things like shredded wheat cereal for breakfast, but have switched to rice chex. No pasta or bread, crackers, cookies, pie, flour tortillas, etc. I eat rice, corn and quinoa.

The nutritionist said that as long as I take a multivitamin, I'm ok on B vitamins. She also said there is probably a threshold where I could eat a few things occasionally, like a smallish amount of pasta, but it was the total imbalance of wheat products that was possibly causing my symptoms. right now, I so love not digging my legs and torso raw from scratching that I do not miss wheat at all. What I do miss is good hearty beer like Boulevard Wheat, but I find I can sneak a beer once in a while.

I am a believer now, but was skeptical at first.

Cathy Hamilton said...

That is so great, Kim. (And before I forget, try Nut Thins crackers, if you haven't already. Delish.) A friend of mine has been suffering from hives for about a month. I'm going to send this to her pronto. I used to love Blvd Wheat, too, but I'd often start itching (esp on the tip of my nose) as soon as I'd take my second sip. Thanks....

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