Monday, July 23, 2012

Les Glaces de Kusmi.... c'est magnifique!

The Kusmi people of Paris (ooh, la la) couldn't have picked a better day to send these iced tea samples to me in the mail. The bank thermometer read '105' on the way home and I was all-too ready for some non-alcoholic refreshment. I ripped open the box and perused the varieties within, including:
  • Detox a.k.a. the best-seller and Lady Gaga’s favorite (a blend of mate, premium green tea and lemongrass flavored with lemon); 
  • Be Cool (a delectable, caffeine-free blend of verbena, rosehip seeds, liquorice and peppermint); and 
  • Boost (a unique blend of mate, green tea and spices). 
Ultimately, I chose the Strawberry Green (because I liked the package colors) and followed the 'Easy Iced Tea' directions on the box: Infuse two sachets of Kusmi Tea in one cup of simmering water for three to four minutes. Pour the tea into a four-cup pitcher filled three-fourths with ice and mix well.
Très rafraîchissant!! And, so much better than yet another glass of water. For where to buy this elegant tea - great for gift-giving - click here.  If you're not in LA, SF or NYC, go here and purchase online. Warning: Such deliciousness doesn't come cheaply.


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