Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thai me up, but don't Thai me down!

We have a bumper crop of Thai basil in the garden so, tonight, I fired up the stove - against my better judgment - and made Panang Curry, the one dish I know how to make that contains the anise flavored herb. But, there has to be another use for it, I thought. I have three small bushes of the stuff. We're talking basil shrubbery here! Fortunately, a quick Google search turned up a refreshing example of summertime mixology, adjusted for low-carb correctness by me: To 2 quarts of Crystal Light, add a giant stalk of Thai basil and let sit for a while. (I waited 20 minutes; should have gone 30.) Pour yourself a glass over ice, add the juice of a half lemon, a spring of Thai basil and, an alcoholically correct amount of rum. In combo with my homemade curried cashews, it was a cocktail hour hit!

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