Friday, September 28, 2012

Checking my vitals

Normal. Dare I say: perfect?!
After watching this disturbing segment on Dr. Oz, I did more research on melatonin and became concerned my nightly dose might be messing with my blood sugar. (I just made the switch from 3 mg to 1.) So, I broke out my dad's old meter and sold my first born for some glucose testing strips (good Lord, those things are expensive!) At the pharmacy, I decided a blood pressure monitor would be a good investment, too, especially when I saw this nifty model that straps around the wrist.
Pretty darn good.....for a head case.
The blood sugar check went swimmingly. (Needles have never scared me.) But, the blood pressure test was another matter. Turns out, I have 'white coat anxiety,' even when the 'white coat' is me! (What kind of a person freaks herself out on do-it-yourself test?) Fortunately, by the end of attempt No. 3, I was back within normal range. Ultimately, it's reassuring to know your numbers, even if they're not that great. I need to keep that in mind.

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