Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Garnier BB: No spot remover, but worth the cost

I recently got a hot beauty tip regarding a product that everyone in the world seems to have heard of, except me. It's called BB cream, a "hybrid" face cream that combines a sunscreen, moisturizer, complexion brightener and skin tone improver in one inexpensive tube. (At least, the recommended Garnier brand is cheap -- about $11.) I gave it a shot because a) despite my claims to the contrary, I am looking for a miracle product that will make my sun spots magically disappear; b) any day I can save money and conserve space in my make-up drawer is a good day; and c) the woman who recommended it to me can afford any face product on the planet, even those $300/ounce brands, and I'm fairly sure she's tried them all.
Left side of face always has more sun damage. Why? Driver's side windows.
So I've been trying it for a couple weeks and here's my analysis: As drugstore products go, this one's pretty good. I put it on over my normal moisturizer for a little extra dewiness, and the 'face feel' is very nice. The coverage is somewhere between regular foundation and tinted moisturizer. It glides on, absorbs quickly into the skin, and blends nicely. Yeah, yeah. You can still see my spots (and don't even mention that frightening decollete), but, short of wall spackle, this might be the best I can do without cracking.


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