Sunday, October 21, 2012

The reveal: My 'all about me' room

Before: Zig-zag border stripped, cheap mini-blinds, huge mystery stain on carpet
We called it the Zack Morris Room, after the lead character from "Saved by the Bell," one of my son's favorite shows in the late 80s. It served its occupant well through the years, especially the door....
which, in its heyday, sported dozens of sports, music and travel bumper stickers.....stickers that weren't eager to be removed. (What kind of freaking Moon Rover-grade epoxy did they use on those things?)
There were even leftover features from the original 1951 home, like this mirror behind the door, that we had just ignored.
Futon doubles as guest bed; new rug covers mystery stain
Flash forward ten years after son's departure and - voila! - it's a new "just for me" office/playroom! The turquoise, black and white scheme has been replaced by robin egg blue with butter accents with the browns, grays and black I was stuck with.
We painted the walls and dormer ceiling the same color, which I wasn't sure about, but now adore.
And there's that cork bulletin board that is FINALLY done.
That was a helluva lotta corks, my friends.
Butter micro-suede window seat cushion, new 2" blinds, son's groovy track lights
      And, what could be more perfect than an office with not one, but TWO cozy places to take a nap? (Yeah, yeah. The treadmill is in the room, too. You just can't see it.)
      Oh, what a relief it is to be done, done, done! 


Cath Pete said...

What a makeover! Very nice!

Jane said...

Looks peaceful and lovely. How's the couch repairing going? I also miss you Sunday column. Don't like the new format.

Cathy Hamilton said...

It is peaceful, Jane. We fixed the couch ourselves. Fortunately, the damage was pretty much contained to one cushion. Can't say I'm a fan of the new format either, with or without my column.

Carol Starr Schneider said...

Check you out! This is a fab transformation, hon. As my grandmother would say, "Use it in the best of health."

Cathy Hamilton said...

It's my writin' and brainstormin' room, CSS. Come see!

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