Monday, October 8, 2012

Why I can't have a wardrobe of eyeglasses

This just makes me mad.


Cath Pete said...

There is no competition to speak of--no wonder glasses cost so much. Now I'm mad, too!

Cathy Hamilton said...

There really isn't, CP. Makes me wonder what other categories (product lines) will end up in the same situation, eventually.

Anonymous said...

Many BG, many, if the administration in Washington doesn't change this year. Why would a new business choose to enter any market given the uncertainties foisted on all businesses by the current administration?

Cathy Hamilton said...

Anon, you're delusional - and, I suspect, grasping at straws - if you think the Obama administration is responsible for the seeming monopoly on eyewear held by Milan-based Luxottica.

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