Friday, November 23, 2012

Table for 18

My mother keeps saying she'll do Thanksgiving "one more year." I hope she continues forever. Nobody sets a table like my mommy....and, more importantly, nobody else has that kind of room.


Anonymous said...

I miss my mom!She made Thanksgiving, Christmas,and Easter all seem like it was easy. I've taken her place and with 20 people, I can tell it's not,after doing dishes for 3 days after,finally getting all the leftovers out, and not to mention how exhausted I am,I'm ready for someone to invite me over!Loved the people,thankful for friends and family and we did have a wonderful time. Soo, I'll probably do it again next year. It was so worth it!!

Cathy Hamilton said...

Anon: I know it was fab, regardless of how exhausted you are/were. You're the gatekeeper now, and you're GREAT at it! You'll make your mom proud, if you haven't already.

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